Thursday, March 31, 2011


Okay, so I had to post this...I don't think I've had such a good laugh in a while.

Anyway, everybody knows that Dixie Carter recently had her Twitter account suspended because she uploaded a verified wallpaper background that was not authorized by the micro-blogging site. As of this writing, she has yet to re-activate it, probably to keep away from the constant TNA criticisms she doesn't want to hear about. But I digress.

Some smart-ass online recreated Dixie Carter's profile and did a pretty good job of it from what I've been told. "Dixie" then tweeted to the WWE Hall of Famer and told him that "she" was back on Twitter. Hogan, without even thinking to verify this, re-tweeted it.

Yeah. Hogan was had by a fan. The real irony here is that Hogan has been a victim of an impersonator -- who his friends actually believed without verifying with Hogan himself! I mean, is it really that difficult to call your boss and ask if her Twitter account has been reactivated?

As of this writing, Dixie's account is still up, but you cannot access her tweets. Apparently TNA will announce when she is back up and running. Through what, I have no idea, since the lifeblood of their advertising seems to rest on Dixie Carter's Twitter page.

So Glad To Have Her Back

Following up with news on the "Brunette Mafia", Diva-Dirt.Com has posted a recent interview with it's Diva Dirt Legacy award winner Trish Stratus, who is probably my all-time favorite Diva.

Trish Stratus announced that at first she was hesitant to do Tough Enough, citing that they weren't going to tell her who was involved. "The last time I said yes without knowing, I wound up with LaToya Jackson and Erik Estrada," she laughed, referring to the cancelled reality show Armed and Famous, where she took part as a police officer in Muncie, Indiana.

However, when she states that WWE told her Steve Austin would be hosting, she said that she was in.

Trish also professed to love LayCool, the team her and Jersey Shore cast member Snooki are facing at this Sunday's pay-per-view, especially citing Layla, as Divas who have come a long way and done great things in their career.

Better Bring It To Mania...

Everybody is reporting in shock that Snooki might actually be -- gasp -- taking to her wrestling training better than people thought for her upcoming match at WrestleMania.

Snooki told the Hollywood Reporter that she is a former gymnast and a cheerleader. That is definitely a bit of an advantage. Working with Trish Stratus should also be a big help.

It's also being said that there is still heat on her with WWE Management over her behavior at the filming for Monday's bar fight between her and Trish -- dubbed the "Brunette Mafia" -- and LayCool, where she apparently showed up hours late, drinking heavily and just exhibiting less-than-professional behavior.

However, WWE is willing to let the behavior slide as she is only contracted to appear until Sunday's pay-per-view. I guess with that behavior, there goes her shot at being a full-time Diva.

Don't say I didn't warn you, Snooki.

A More Legit Hall of Fame?

WrestlingInc.Com is reporting that WWE Superstar Triple H is in full support of the WWE getting a building to house its Hall of Fame.

This has been a hot topic in WWE for a while now, with Vince McMahon supporting the idea, but unsure of where to house it. This has led to a lot of frustration among WWE Hall of Famers, including 2004 inductee "Superstar" Billy Graham, who sold his Hall of Fame ring on eBay in anger.

Citing the Wrestling Observer, the report claims that it is one of Triple H's big goals when he takes over the WWE from Vince McMahon in the future. It is his hopes of making the Hall of Fame more legitimate.

I think it's a great idea. The saddest part is so many fans treat it as a joke, but they need to see that a HOF honor means so much to the Superstars being inducted. And there are still many who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame that I keep my fingers crossed that they will make it in there one day.

Congratulations, WWE!

Big congratulations are in order for WWE this morning.

Debuting the night after WrestleMania, the new, re-vamped and rebooted edition of WWE Tough Enough has been named one of the 14 shows to watch this spring by Yahoo! TV, joining the ranks of their other "Must-See" shows including Body of Proof, starring Dana Delaney and The Voice, judged by Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera.

This is exciting, as it's a pretty WWE blockbuster version of the show, with WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin hosting, and the trainers being in the form of WCW alumnus Bill DeMott and Booker T, and legendary WWE Diva Trish Stratus.

And It Just Gets Worse For Michael Cole

This is why you ALWAYS watch what you put on your social media accounts...because depending on what you say, it can come back and bite you in the ass.

NBC Sports is reporting based on a TMZ article with the Pro Gay Wrestling Federation (I didn't know it existed until recently, either), who is demanding that punishment be levied upon Michael Cole over his Tweet read around the world to Josh Mathews.

Can I just say that it's always stuff like this that brings everybody out of the woodwork, getting fifteen minutes off of somebody else's stupidity?

The statement by PGW founder Frances Minks includes such gems as "Look what they do for a living? Big muscles, small tights rolling around! I'm just saying, honey" alongside "People in glass houses shouldn't throw sconces!"

With all due respect to the PGW -- and please bear in mind that I am a supporter of equal rights among everybody -- I really think that the PGW founder's words embodied stereotypes that the LGBT community have tried very hard to shake off in the media. It's one thing to claim you're representing the affronted community, it's another to do it while perpetuating stereotypes.

As for Michael Cole, he does deserve to have some kind of punishment because he embarrassed the company. And the PGW is right; language like that does give the impression of a hostile, bullying work environment. I don't think there should just be GLAAD training and that's it...WWE needs to set an example here, and vignettes won't do anything for the backstage area.

Having said that, Cole is quite heavily invested for WrestleMania in three days, so I understand Vince is in a messed up position right now. So hopefully, after WrestleMania there can be something done better than what's been done now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Update

He did respectably well in his first routine with partner Cheryl Burke, and he tied for first with his second routine, but did Team Chericho survive to dance another week?

The answer would be a resounding yes. Former WWE Superstar and Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho and Dancing With The Stars partner Cheryl Burke were not eliminated last night. Their current scores put them fourth place in the competition.

Instead, it was Dr. Drew's radio co-host "Psycho Mike" who was eliminated first after two weeks of godawful dancing.

Not What WWE Had Hoped For?

RingsideNews.Com is reporting that the vignette on Monday that aired between LayCool, Trish Stratus and Snooki was not what the WWE had originally hoped for.

Apparently, WWE only used the best footage that they could get out of the filming, which lasted for hours longer than it should have because of reports that Snooki was drunk and was late by four hours to filming.

On a related note, the guy who was slapped out in the vignette was a guy who ironically sometimes wrestles as the brother of TNA star Robbie E.

Molly Holly Resurfaces!

Former WWE Diva Molly Holly (real name: Nora Greenwald-Benshoof has resurfaced!

Molly debuted in 2001 in the WWE as the cousin of Crash and Hardcore Holly. She is a former two-time Women's Champion. She left the WWE in 2005.

Molly recently talked to EveningTribune.Com while she was promoting the 38th Annual Sports Night in Hornshell, NY.

Molly has stated that she will make the occasional WWE appearance, but that her Diva Days are over. She currently works as a drug and alcohol counselor, while both her and her husband are involved in church activities.

WrestleManiArt Tonight!

This has become an interesting favorite new thing of mine before WrestleMania.

Tonight will be WrestleManiArt, where WWE Superstars and Divas will put up artwork they've done for the fans to see.

Tonight's event will feature artwork by:

- Vickie Guerrero (which you can follow on Twitter at ExcuseMeWWE)
- Ezekiel Jackson (which you can follow on Twitter at EzekielWWE)
- JTG (which you can follow on Twitter at JTG1284)
- Tyler Reks (which you can follow on Twitter at Tyler_Reks)
- Beth Phoenix (which you can follow on Twitter at TheBethPhoenix)
- Trent Barretta
- David Otunga (which you can follow on Twitter at DavidOtunga)
- Booker T
- Heath Slater (which you can follow on Twitter at HeathSlaterNXT)
- Tamina
- Natalya (which you can follow on Twitter at NatByNature)
- Tyson Kidd
- David Hart Smith
- Alicia Fox
- Santino Marella (which you can follow on Twitter at MilanMiracle)
- Vladimir Kozlov
- Daniel Bryan
- John Morrison (which you can follow on Twitter at TheRealMorrison)
- Melina (which you can follow on Twitter at RealMelina)
- Jerry Lawler
- Curt Hawkins
- Zack Ryder (which you can follow on Twitter at ZackRyder)
- Hornswoggle (which you can follow on Twitter at WWEHornswoggle)
- Matt Striker


At today's WrestleMania press conference, fans were surprised by the presence of WWE Executive Vice President of Creative and part-time WWE personality Stephanie McMahon-Levesque made an appearance hosting the press conference.

For those living under a rock, Stephanie is the daughter of Vince McMahon and the wife of WWE Superstar Triple H.

Interesting note as well, when Stephanie was welcoming everybody to the conference, fans began to chant "Hogan Sucks", to which Stephanie informed everyone that the 2005 WWE Hall of Famer would not have a part in this year's WrestleMania. Thank God for that.

No Update Here

After the Victory Road debacle, nobody has seen Jeff Hardy on a wrestling program.

For those living under a rock, Jeff went out to the ring impaired and his match against Sting went for 88 seconds. Jeff was sent home the following Monday and nobody has seen hide nor hair of him in TNA since.

Jeff Hardy's return in TNA has not been discussed by anyone, and probably will not be discussed until after his April 20th court date stemming from drug trafficking charges he incurred after leaving the WWE in 2009.

It should also be noted that there has been talk about Jeff returning as a babyface to TNA. Multiple wrestling sites including SEScoops are claiming that this is not the case.

More on Finlay Firing

Yesterday, shock waves were sent through WWE when it was announced that road agent/WWE Superstar Finlay had been fired regarding an incident involving WWE Champion The Miz at a house show this past weekend.

Basically what happened was the Miz went out to interrupt the National Anthem to set up a match with Randy Orton to open the show. Unfortunately, members of the National Guard -- WWE's biggest sponsors and partners -- were in the crowd and were not happy to see the national anthem used for cheap heel heat.

WrestleZone.Com is reporting that the decision to fire Finlay came from the top of the company itself, from Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Unfortunately, this will have WrestleMania reprocussions, as Fit is supposed to be the agent handling the six person tag match between LayCool, Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, Snooki and Trish Stratus. No word on who is going to take over that now, though it could go to Talent Relations head John Laurenaitis.

HBK's Hall of Fame Inductor...

ProWrestling.Net is reporting that at the WWE WrestleMania 27 press conference this afternoon, that Shawn Michaels' Hall of Fame inductee has been announced.

It's been a bit of a speculation, with fans praying that Ric Flair could somehow break his TNA bonds to do this, or that Bret Hart would induct the man who had at one time been his biggest nemesis in WWE.

But, instead, Shawn Michaels will be inducted by his D-Generation X bandmate Triple H.

This is a logical choice; after all, Hunter and Shawn have had a long history of being both friends and enemies in the WWE. I think this is the perfect choice, and the right choice.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Going To WrestleMania!

Making his second visit to the grand spectacle of WrestleMania is the one and only Snoop D-O-Double-G.

Snoop Dogg was last seen at WrestleMania 24 as the Master of Ceremonies in the Lumberjill tag match between Melina and Beth Phoenix and Maria Kanellis and Ashley Massaro, who stepped in for Candice Michelle after Candice re-broke her collarbone. He clotheslined Santino Marella and made out with Maria.

Interesting note here; WWE Superstar Brodus Clay actually worked as Snoop Dogg's bodyguard at one point, so that could be a pretty nice reunion for the two of them this Sunday in Atlanta.

100th Post...Also...Suspended!

SEScoops is reporting that TNA President Dixie Carter has had her Twitter account, which you can follow when it's back up and running again at TNADixie, suspended for violating its terms of service.

About a month or so ago, Dixie uploaded a backdrop to her page that verified who she was, but was not verified by Twitter, who clearly states that they are the only ones who can provide verification to an account. Several people apparently reported Dixie and as a result, she has been suspended from the social networking site.

There is no word on when she will be allowed back, or how on earth we're going to get our "special announcements" now...she may actually have to start thinking about -- gasp -- advertising!

Next Week

With WrestleMania 27 almost in the dust, it appears that WWE is getting on the bandwagon of debuting new stars after their biggest event.

WWE has announced that next week, on the Raw after WrestleMania, they will be debuting their new Mexican signing Sin Cara, who wrestled in Mexico as Mistico. This is a huge signing for WWE, and according to backstage reports on various websites, has caused some issues in the WWE locker room among Latino stars Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio (whether this is true or not is another story, but it has been reported).

Of course, WWE still has former ROH Superstar Tyler Black and former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong to debut after pro wrestling's biggest spectacle.

It appears WWE is set to push Sin Cara to the moon. I for one am very excited to see just what this guy can do in the ring.

Finlay Fired? is reporting that WWE Superstar and road agent Fit Finlay has been fired, citing its source as PWInsider.Com.

Apparently, at a house show this past weekend, The Miz was supposed to come out and interrupt the national anthem to set up a match between himself and Randy Orton. Unfortunately, members of the National Guard -- one of WWE's biggest sponsors -- was in the crowd and apparently were not too happy about the national anthem being used for heel heat.

Finlay was one of the top producers backstage and was considered to be one of the biggest advocates and assistants for the Divas in the last decade. This is a horrible blow to the Divas, who have been struggling to find legitimate footing since the girls from 2000-2006 all retired or went elsewhere.

I should note that this is an unfortunate incident, and unless there is more to the story, then I can't see why they wouldn't rehire him sometime down the line, much like they did for Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately, I still think what Michael Cole did was a bit worse, and we still have yet to hear of discipline for him.

Make A Wish Milestone

TMZ.Com is reporting about WWE today, and, believe it or not, it's actually great news.

The celebrity news website has announced that there will be thirty children from the Make A Wish Foundation coming to WrestleMania this weekend, from countries like Canada, the US and even Australia. They will be having a chance to meet with Superstars and Divas, along with a pizza party hosted by John Cena.

Also, John will be receiving something for doing this this weekend -- he will be receiving an award for passing the very impressive milestone of 200 wishes granted. It puts him only with three other people who have -- Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhart, Jr., and Hulk Hogan.

Congratulations to John Cena, who has been an incredible ambassador to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What To Do With Michael Cole...

Hot on the heels of Michael Cole's major Twitter faux pas, more and more details are emerging about Cole's behavior in recent months, and quite frankly, it isn't pretty.

On March 17, WWE announced that they were pairing up with GLAAD, the gay rights organization, in light of recent concerns GLAAD had been airing regarding some of the comments John Cena has made in recent memory. Considering they are heavily into building their program for children, WWE did the right thing here.

It only took this past weekend -- less than ten days -- for somebody to shoot the entire union in the foot, and surprisingly, it had to be WWE heel commentator Michael Cole. I wouldn't have expected this out of him. Let's take the word out of the equation here; scratch that out. The point is, Michael Cole is a WWE employee and has been for over a decade now. He should know better. Forget the word he used on Josh Mathews; when you are on social media, you are still representing the company you work for.

It didn't take fans long to pan his apology, calling it "weak". But it was good enough for GLAAD, who announced that Michael Cole would be a part of their training seminar. ProWrestling.Net thinks that maybe he was sending a direct message and it backfired, considering Cole is new to Twitter. So what? At the end of the day, he is still a company representative, and sending stuff like that to your colleagues doesn't paint you in a great light.

I'm indifferent to Michael Cole as a broadcaster, though I hate him as this new heel persona he has going. PWTorch and other sites are claiming that he has become what you see on TV behind the scenes. Hopefully with this Twitter-Gate scandal on the WWE's hands, maybe Vince will cool off on Cole for a little while.

Again, forget about the entire political correctness thing; it's a hateful word, and it's a hurtful word to a lot of people, so there is no blame to anyone who gets offended. However, this I think is more about representing your company. Michael Cole shot his company in the foot on a subject that has seen a lot of press and campaigns in recent years. It doesn't just make Michael Cole look bad; it makes everyone associated with him look bad, and that's something that Vince can't have.


Exciting news, ladies and gentlemen!

WWE alumni and movie star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is already in Chicago for the last Raw before WrestleMania! reports that Dwayne arrived last night and stayed at the same hotel as WWE crew. He was described as very approachable and very eager to hear what the fans want out of his return.

Rock will also be appearing on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight on Thursday evening to promote WrestleMania, along with probably Fast Five, which is due to come out in theaters on April 29th. It's being said that Rock will be carrying the WWE travel schedule this week, following the crew from Chicago to Atlanta.

I should also note that with Rock being a bit more open to wrestling one more match, WWE is now expecting it to happen. Just a matter of when and with who at this point, though I know John Cena wants a shot at him.

Heat on McCool, Too?

Sigh. My first Michelle McCool post and it has to do with people who seem to dislike her. Go figure.

SEScoops is reporting that there isn't just heat on Snooki and Michael Cole at the moment, but also on WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

Citing an anonymous but prominent Raw Superstar, they quote his words as saying:

"We bust our asses 250 days a year on the road.
Snooki will cut right into everybody's WrestleMania
paydays. And the show is built around Rock; who is not full-time, and Austin, from another era, too; Michael
Cole, who doesn't go on the road; Jerry Lawler, who doesn't go on the road; Snooki, who is a three-shot
appearance, and Michelle McCool, who is Undertaker's
wife and therefore doesn't even go on the road with
Layla El, who has to represent LayCool all by herself
while her partner gets preferential treatment because of
who she married!"

It should be noted that nobody has issues with Triple H or Undertaker in their spots at the pay-per-view, though they do question WWE's decision to build a lot of their show around people who aren't going to be there long-term this time around (Trish Stratus, Rock, Austin). Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle said recently in an interview that while she understands how wise it is for WWE to capitalize on the Jersey Shore craze, that it puts out a lot of Divas who worked hard to get to WrestleMania.

I should also note that currently Michelle McCool is tending to an injured foot that hopefully should be good to go by WrestleMania. But this is not the first time I've heard people complain about her marriage to the Deadman.

Whoever was complaining to SEScoops about this needs to understand that WWE needs more pay-per-view buys and the company hasn't been in the best shape for a while now. Fans are willing to buy more pay-per-views based on familiar faces. Which means more money for everyone in the long run.

Not At Raw

It is being reported by SEScoops tonight that the lovely French-Canadian Diva Maryse will not be in attendance at Raw tonight for its go-home show, the final stop on the Road To WrestleMania.

It is being said that Maryse will instead be on the set and in the audience of Dancing With The Stars, to cheer on former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho and his teammate Cheryl Burke. Last week, the duo danced to "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash and scored a respectable 19/30 score from the judges. Tonight they will be dancing a new routine. You can catch the show on ABC.

Last week, WWE sent Nikki and Brie Bella, along with Alicia Fox to cheer on Jericho.

I think it's great that the WWE is supporting Chris Jericho in this endeavor, and it really speaks to how important it is to leave a pro wrestling company on good terms. Break a leg tonight, Chris!

AJ SmackDown Diva?

Even though she lost to Kaitlyn in season 3 of NXT, it appears that FCW developmental Diva AJ Lee may just get her big break after all.

SEScoops.Com is reporting that over the weekend, AJ Lee teamed up with Beth Phoenix to take on the team of Kaitlyn and Layla. It is said that they split the shifts, with AJ and Beth winning Saturday and Layla and Kaitlyn winning Sunday.

With WWE seemingly getting ready to do something with their Divas division, with the signings of Kong and Tenille Tayla, it seems like there may finally be a place for women on the roster who can actually wrestle. I'm actually pretty excited about this.

WWE Invades MTV Tonight!

WWE Superstars Chris Masters, Dolph Ziggler, JTG and Curt Hawkins are set to be doing guest spots tonight on the MTV series Silent Library.

For those interested in watching, the show begins at 7 PM, with replays airing at 2:30 AM.

We are in full-on WrestleMania promotion mode, ladies and gentlemen, and it's good to see some of the talent who aren't on the card -- with the exception of Ziggler of course -- being put to good use.

I should also put out a reminder tonight that Chris Jericho will be doing a new routine on Dancing With The Stars and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is indeed set to be live and in living color in Chicago tonight for the final Raw before WrestleMania.

The road to WrestleMania is almost over!

HBK Pitching Reality Show?

WrestleZone.Com is reporting that WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is currently pitching a reality show to different networks in hopes of being picked up.

The television program would feature HBK as part of a troop of Poacher Patrollers. It's said to be a television show about bringing hunters who break the law to justice. Think Americas Most Wanted with hunters.

There is not a lot of news about this right now, except that there is some kind of negotiations right now.

If this goes through, then congratulations to Shawn Michaels; it's great to see him keeping busy in his retirement.

On a side note, congratulations again are in order for Shawn Michaels, whose WrestleMania 27 raffle netted an impressive $60,000.

Major Heat on Michael Cole

This story just keeps getting worse and worse for WWE Commentator Michael Cole.

WWE had a problem on its hands this past weekend when Michael Cole tweeted a homophobic slur to fellow WWE commentator Josh Mathews. The tweet has since been deleted, but not before being picked up by TMZ and the media.

What makes matters worse here, is that WWE has just announced a partnership with GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, stemming from their discomfort with John Cena and some of his comments. WrestleZone.Com is reporting now that WWE feels that Michael Cole has embarrassed the company by shooting himself in the foot so soon after the announcement.

According to multiple, unnamed sources, WrestleZone claims that many in WWE feel that Cole has overstepped his boundaries here and has been letting his current push go to his head. They also claim that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon feels that Cole embarrassed the company, which he really has, if you think about it.

They also claim that at least two key insiders say that Cole would be fired by Producer Kevin Dunn if he wasn't so prominently featured on the WrestleMania card this year in his match against Jerry Lawler. The article also notes that there is no word on whether or not Cole has met with Kevin Dunn or Vince McMahon as of yet, or if there will be a meeting at tonight's go-home edition of Raw.

Has Not Resigned!

Reports started circulating this past weekend that former WWE Superstar and TNA Superstar Shawn Daivari had re-signed with the latter company, and was set to debut again at this week's set of tapings.

According to Daivari himself, these rumors are NOT true. He was known in TNA as Sheik Abdul Bashir, pretty much a recycled version of his WWE gimmick of Khoshrow Daivari. He left TNA after asking for his release in 2009.

Daivari contacted WrestleZone.Com, and confirmed to everybody that he is still a free agent, and has not signed with any wrestling company.

How this rumor got started, I have no idea, but it's good to hear that he has been keeping himself busy as a free agent. He's still young and a very talented wrestler.

Not Going To Mania

WWE Hall of Famer and one of the greatest wrestlers to ever come out of Canada, and even to step foot in the ring, Bret Hart, announced via his Twitter -- which you can follow at BretHart -- that he will not be appearing at this year's WrestleMania broadcast.

"I will not be at Mania this year. Had my fun last year."

For those who didn't see Mania last year, or are new to pro wrestling, Bret faced Vince McMahon with nine of his siblings around the ring. It had such high expectations, but wound up being a mess that was panned by critics.

Some think that this could be Bret playing coy; as there has been speculation that he would be inducting Shawn Michaels into the Hall of Fame this year. The Hall of Fame ceremony will be airing two days after WrestleMania this year instead of live the night before.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Retirement Looming

In a recent interview with The West Australian, WWE Superstar and former Olympic strongman Mark Henry indicated that he is in fact planning to retire.

Despite having a good three years or so left -- according to the "World's Strongest Man", Henry states that he is in fact planning on calling it a career within the next eighteen months or so to focus on life outside the ring.

Henry also states that things aren't particularly friendly in the backstage area, as he is known to be somebody who steps in the middle when things get a little bit tense. He is hoping that in the event of is retirement, that somebody else will step in and clear things up when they get out of hand.

She's Coming

Former TNA Knockout behemoth Awesome Kong is indeed set to make her WWE Diva debut after WrestleMania 27, according to multiple online sources. Apparently plans were to have her debut in December, but plans were nixed.

Fans have been waiting on pins and needles now for months, ever since Kong (real name Kia Stevens) announced via her Twitter account that she had indeed signed a WWE contract. After reports surfaced that she was in the area for January's Royal Rumble, fans were excited when the Divas match was turned into a fatal-four-way. Unfortunately for poor Eve Torres, fans were disappointed that it wasn't Awesome Kong.

It should be interesting to report that there is no word what brand she is going to be sent to, or whether she is going to be heel or face, though I have read several reports of speculation stating that she could be aligned with the team of Layla and Michelle McCool.

Mickie Out, Madison In

Thanks to a nasty injury she suffered recently at a house show, TNA Hardcore Country Knockout Mickie James has had to withdraw from her upcoming match against Sara Del Ray on April 2 for Remix Pro Wrestling in Marietta, Ohio. One piece of good news for the Mickie James fans is that she will at least be there to sign autographs.

With Mickie out of the picture, TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne is set to take Mickie's place, which should still be a decent match. Sara Del Ray is probably one of the best female wrestlers I've ever seen. It's unfortunate for the fans, however, as I know Mickie vs. Sara is a dream match for a lot of fans out there. Either way, Madison and Sara should be decent as well.

Additional Info on Angle Arrest

EWrestlingNews.Com is reporting a little bit more information on the arrest of TNA Superstar Kurt Angle for being in possession of a motor vehicle while intoxicated. They are citing an article that was posted in The Grand Forks Herald.

News reports are stating that there was no ice storm on Thursday or Friday in Grand Forks, North Dakota and that the highways were actually clear, which would completely contradict Kurt's statements that he slid into 3 ft of snow during an ice storm. Also, they are reporting that it wasn't Kurt that called the police, but in fact a passer-by.

It should also be noted that despite the fact that he failed a field sobriety test and it is in the police report, Kurt claims that he was not at all intoxicated.

Patrol Capt. Kevin Robson stated that Kurt was very polite and a complete gentleman the entire time, which is good to hear. Angle posted 300 dollars and gave authorities a Pennsylvania driver's license before being released.

I should also note that reports are saying that Kurt did not appear out of the ordinary at all during the TNA house show that he had competed at earlier on.

Snooki Being a Problem?

Multiple pro wrestling sites are reporting that WWE is having a less-than-stellar time with Snooki.

For those living under a rock, Snooki is set to team up with WWE Legendary Diva Trish Stratus and John Morrison to take on the team of Dolph Ziggler and LayCool, no doubt with Vickie Guerrero at ringside.

Anyways, for those who still don't know, over the past couple days, WWE filmed a bar-fight angle with LayCool, Trish and Snooki that is set to air this coming Monday on Raw.

However, multiple sites are reporting that Snooki delayed the filming for several hours, causing the shooting to go late. The multiple sites, citing sources, say that Snooki was drinking quite heavily through the day, being rude to the people in the bar, and claiming that once the Jersey Shore is finished, she is going to become a full-time WWE Diva.

I hate to tell Snooki this, but WWE doesn't take too friendly to this kind of behavior. It's been said WWE has had problems with Divas having bad behavior, including former Diva Tiffany. For anyone who doubts how WWE looks upon these things, just ask Serena Deeb.


TMZ reported yesterday that Kurt Angle was arrested in Grand Forks, North Dakota, after police officers found him in the road. According to the celebrity news site, one of the officers smelled alcohol on Angle's breath and administered a field sobriety test, which he apparently failed. He was then taken into custody. Because the officers did not see Angle driving drunk, they charged him with being in possession of a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Kurt responded to these allegations via his Twitter, which you can follow at AngleFoods1:

"Thank U to all of my supporters. I was not drunk. I was in an ice storm
and slid into 3 ft of snow median. I called police 4 help. They had other plans.
I was stuck and wanted to go back to my hotel. I was not passed out drunk.
I was co-herent. I'm sorry if I let you down. Don't believe everything you read.
My life is good and this is a speed bump in the road. The truth will come out.
God bless. I take responsibility for this. My job is to stay clean and never put myself in jeopardy. TMZ blew it out of proportion. After my hearings, I will give you
proper story. God bless. Kurt Angle. I love you all."

I just want to go out on the record and report that TMZ didn't really blow anything out of proportion, or even sensationalize it. This is also not the first time that Kurt has been accused of being behind the wheel while intoxicated; he was acquitted on charges about a year or two ago even though he had failed a sobriety test that was administered to him at his home.

Hopefully, between this and Jeff Hardy, that TNA will wake up a little bit and start doing more to help out their guys. This is alarming, especially for those who are fans of Kurt Angle.

Shot In The Foot


No, scratch that. Double facepalm.

It appears that hot heel announcer Michael Cole didn't get the WWE memo about their newfound partnership with gay rights organization GLAAD. Not even two weeks after the announcement of the pairing, Cole was caught tweeting a homophobic slur at WWE announcer Josh Mathews.

Michael Cole has since removed the tweets and apologized for it, but not before it circulated around wrestling news sites and TMZ. A rep for WWE announced that Cole will be undergoing training with GLAAD, though TMZ notes that a rep for GLAAD has not commented.

Way to go, Cole.

On a side note, Bully Ray slipped it out uncensored recently on an episode of Impact and nobody is saying a word about that.

America The Beautiful Singer Named

So it appears as though the WWE Universe will be lucky enough to have a Bieber-Free WrestleMania.

Despite reports going around stating that Bieber is in negotiations to sing "America The Beautiful" at this year's installment of WrestleMania, WWE Corporate's website has announced that R&B songstress Keri Hilson will be standing behind the microphone for this year's spectacular.

Keri Hilson is a talented singer-songwriter who has just released her latest album No Boys Allowed. She has written songs for the Pussycat Dolls ("Wait A Minute") and Britney Spears ("Gimme More"). She is also a frequent collaborator of hip hop super-producer Timbaland ("The Way I Are").

Keri will join the list of other musicians who have contributed their talents to Vince McMahon's grand spectacle, such as Nicole Scherzinger, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Michelle Williams, John Legend and former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Perfume Line

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis has unveiled a new line of perfumes called Maria Kanellis Signature Perfumes.

There are reportedly three scents to the perfumes: Sandalwood, Mimosa and Ylang Ylang.

For those interested, you can order Maria's perfumes here:

It's great to see that she's been keeping busy since her WWE departure.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Former WWF Manager John "Oliver Humperdink" Sutton has passed away at 62, ProWrestling.Net is reporting. He had been battling cancer and had refused chemotherapy.

Sutton has managed such Superstars as Bam Bam Bigelow, Paul Orndorff, One Man Gang, Bruiser Brody, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Dick Slater, Sid Vicious, and others.

The last few months of his life have been covered at length by various wrestling sites. His contributions to the pro wrestling industry will never be forgotten.

My sincere condolences go out to Sutton's family in these trying times.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mickie James Injured? is reporting that TNA Hardcore Country Knockout Mickie James has been injured.

It has yet to be acknowledged by Mickie James, but apparently the injury happened at Friday's TNA House show. Her current rival, Madison Rayne, apparently botched a spot in the ring, leading to Mickie suffering a slight separation in her shoulder.

There is no word on whether she will require surgery or not, but apparently the injury is enough that her arm is currently in a sling.

Tough break for the Knockouts division, which seems to be getting weaker and weaker with the volume that leave or the volume that are not put into the title picture. Either way, this has definitely been a bumpy week for TNA on all fronts.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rock News

Wow, have I ever mentioned that it's absolutely awesome to have Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson back in the WWE?

Since coming back to WWE to host the upcoming WrestleMania XXVII, the product has arguably become more entertaining with the three-way dynamic he has with WWE Champion The Miz and John Cena. WWE has also announced that Rock will also be at the first Raw show after WrestleMania XXVII, but nothing else past that date has been announced.

It's also being reported that The Rock is going to be the cover boy for the April 2011 issue of WWE Magazine. That's all the information I have about that, no word on interviews or anything, though I'm sure they'll have something to that effect in there.

Also, is reporting that Dwayne is indeed set to appear on the reboot of Tough Enough some time this season. The show is hosted by Rock's old WWF-E nemesis and WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, with trainers Booker T, Bill DeMott and Trish Stratus.

This is certainly great news for Rock fans.

Cena Claims Concussion

John Cena has announced on his Twitter account -- which you can follow at JohnCena -- that he suffered a concussion on Raw this past Monday. He writes,

"CeNation. Sorry I have been away.
Concussion on [M]on night from
either [D]el [R]io kick or mic shots.
Took and passed impact exam. RTG for Fri."

No, Impact exams have nothing to do with TNA. If this is the case, then it's good to hear that John is okay. With all of the research that has come out about concussions in the past several years, stemming from the Benoit tragedy in 2007, it's great to see that people are treating these injuries accordingly.

John Cena is arguably the busiest wrestler on the roster and set to compete at WrestleMania against The Miz for the WWE Championship, so it's really important that they keep him healthy until the April 3 extravaganza.

Hogan Running Creative?

Hulk Hogan is claiming on his Twitter account -- that you can follow at HulkHogan4Real -- that he took over the TNA Creative team about 3 weeks ago when asked by former WWE Superstar Kizarny why he never got a shot in TNA.

It's no secret that Eric Bischoff has just received a promotion in TNA, and now it appears Hogan may have, too. However, it's important to note that none of the staff in TNA seem to think that this has happened.

Mike Johnson of was informed by sources at TNA that there have virtually been no shakeups to the TNA Creative team. He was informed that Hogan has been less involved with creative than he has been in the last year, and that, "He'd have to show up to be running creative." So it appears right now that either Hogan is lying or the sources just aren't aware of anything. He could also be referring to MCW on TruTV, but I don't get why that would come up if Kizarny was asking about TNA.

So it looks like someone else is to blame for their shoddy programming, people!

GLAAD Busts Cena is reporting that the GLAAD organization, which stands for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has targeted John Cena in regards to some taunts he has made over the past little while that they have taken to be homophobic.

Instead of the usual defensiveness, WWE has agreed to partner up with the organization to create and promote an anti-bullying initiative, which is a wonderful move. Kids look up to John Cena, so it's time to clean it up a little bit. Also, WWE has invited the organization to come in and conduct training with the WWE creative team and its editors.

This is a great step for WWE, and I'm glad to hear that they are taking this seriously considering that the blog states that they are acting on behalf of LGBT members who were bothered and offended by Cena's comments.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jericho On SmackDown is reporting that Chris Jericho will indeed be making a pre-taped promo appearance on SmackDown tomorrow night.

According to the wrestling news site, Chris Jericho will make an appearance in the effect of a pre-tape, discussing the upcoming match between Triple H and the Undertaker at this year's WrestleMania.

For what it's worth, Chris' gig on Dancing with the Stars begins on Monday, where he is teamed with professional dancer Cheryl Burke, in a team they've coined "Team Chericho".

Basically, what I'm saying is that don't be too surprised if WWE throws a bit of a Dancing with the Stars promotion his way for making the appearance on SmackDown.

Former Diva News

Former WWE Diva and 2005 Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro appeared on Gregory Helms' Highway to Helms web show last night, and did she make something of a noteworthy appearance or what.

When Jonny Fairplay spoke about a WWE story that took place in Texas, he dropped the name of TNA Knockout Velvet Sky, who is the former girlfriend of host Gregory Helms. Ashley retorted with a loud, "F--- that b-tch". She pretended to act like it was an accident and laughed through it.

The former WWE Diva and the TNA Knockout have had bad blood forming ever since Ashley was named in an investigation several years back. Rolling Stone magazine published an article claiming that Ashley had worked as an escort. Velvet said that she had heard people from Massaro's camp claim that they wouldn't be surprised if it was true and labelled it as "disgusting". She also refused to buy the "mistaken identity" excuse people were using, as it to this day has not been proven. I should note that Ashley threatened a lawsuit against Rolling Stone magazine regarding the allegations, but nothing ever came of it.

Currently, she is taking the place of former WWE Diva Jillian Hall, who withdrew when she was pregnant only to unfortunately miscarry, on the Diva Mania tour that also features Maria Kanellis, Taryn "Tiffany" Terrell-Galloway, and TNA Knockout Winter. The tour is set to begin this weekend.

Lawsuit Dismissed

A lawsuit that was filed that captured WWE's resident power couple in the middle of things has been resolved, is reporting.

A long running lawsuit between two motor coach companies that featured Triple H, real name Paul Levesque, and his wife, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque (pictured here) was resolved on March 11, 2011.

The Plaintiff in the lawsuit, Music City Coach, alleged in a January 2010 lawsuit that they were hired by the defendant -- Star City Coach -- to create a custom vehicle for the Levesque family. According to the suit, the work totaled to over three hundred thousand dollars, and there were issues between the two sides regarding payment for the work that had been done.

The Levesques became involved in the lawsuit when a Star City Coach employee began making statements to the effect that he was acting as their agents and passing along specifications about the bus. The suit also alleged that the Levesque family was acting as agents for WWE, which dragged Stephanie's father's company into the lawsuit as well.

When payments were not made, US marshalls seized the bus and claimed that the Levesque family and the WWE family were liable for the remaining two hundred thousand dollar plus balance.

The case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning that neither side can bring legal action against one another over this again. All matters have been resolved. Sounds like it was quite the nightmare for Hunter and Steph.

Superstars Cancelled!

Chris Shore of is reporting -- and it has been confirmed by television station WGN -- that WWE's Thursday night program WWE Superstars has been cancelled.

The final airing of Superstars is April 7, 2011.

I feel horrible for all the mid-card stars who really only got to show their craft on this show. Expect a good chunk of them to be released within the coming months thanks in part to a creative team that drops the ball.

Big Return!

At last night's Impact tapings, slated to air March 31 on Spike TV, fans were treated to an enormous surprise when one of TNA's biggest legends returned.

Christopher Daniels -- pictured here -- made his return to the Impact zone. The last time he had been seen, he was working as Suicide before an injury sidelined him. The last time he had been seen without a mask was just after the Bischoff-Hogan regime came in.

Christopher made his return at the tapings last night to help out Fortune when they were attacked and massacred by Immortal inside of a steel cage after the main event. Apparently the reaction for Daniels was huge.

I have to admit that I'm glad to hear that Daniels has come back to TNA, as he, AJ and Samoa Joe are the reasons why I started watching TNA in the first place. However, I don't know if this is going to make the disillusioned fans care all that much at this point. I suppose only time will tell.

Impact Spoilers, March 31

In the TNA Xplosion tapings prior to the show, Hardcore Country Knockout Mickie James pinned Rosita.

We open with Anderson dragging Hebner down to the ring and demanding to know why the match the week before ended in another no contest. Anderson demands the decision to be reversed, but Hebner refuses. Hebner is laid out, his son Brian comes to check on him, and Sting comes out to chastise Anderson for ragging on a referee. Sting and Anderson start brawling and RVD comes out to join in on the fun, demanding Hebner put Anderson in the Lockdown main event. True to typical TNA form, Hogan and Bischoff come out in the opening segment to finally make it a three-way match at Lockdown.

Bischoff announces that the main event will be Sting & Anderson & RVD vs. Naitch's team of Matt Hardy, Abyss and Bully Ray in a steel cage. He says the Network wants ratings, and he's going to give it to them. Insert joke here. Just too easy.

Sting and Anderson start brawling again, but they are pulled apart.

With Eric Young and Orlando Jordan doing commentary, Scott Steiner defeated Jesse Neal. Doug Williams and Magnus attacked after.

Max Buck defeated Jeremy Buck.

Winter defeated Velvet Sky. Angelina came out during the match and left with Winter.

Anderson calls out Sting to apologize, but slaps him instead. They brawled into the crowd. Abyss, Hardy and Ray attacked, but RVD made the save.

Angle calls out Jarrett and states he will not wait for Lockdown. Rob Terry comes out instead. Angle beats Terry and chases Jarrett.

In a steel cage, the team of Bully, Matt and Abyss defeated Sting, Anderson and Van Dam. Sting attacked Anderson during his intro. Anderson did not want to enter the cage until Hogan made him do so. Anderson screwed over RVD, allowing Bully to get the pin.

The heels continue to beat on RVD and Sting. Fortune and Immortal both hit the ring. Flair locks the cage as the babyfaces get massacred. Christopher Daniels hits the ring. He hits a flip from the top of the cage and wipes out Immortal.